Video Interview: Music artists Yuna & Owl City
By Peterson Gonzaga Front Row Features Wire Hollywood – It was an exciting night for music artists Yuna & Owl City as The Top 10 American Idol sang their song “Shine Your Way.” According two the two artists, The American Idol contestants did a great job. “Shine Your Wa [...]
Coco Jones premiere new EP “Made Of”
By Peterson Gonzaga Hollywood – It was a busy weekend as music artist Coco Jones joined in the celebration of music act Mindless Behavior’s film premiere “Mindless Behavior: All Around The World” and album release this past Sunday, March 10 at Universal City Walk. Coincide [...]
Bill Paxton says he’s lucky to be an actor
By Peterson Gonzaga Hollywood – Bill Paxton says he’s lucky to be an actor especially when he gets to travel to different countries around the world. When asked to star in the film “Shanghai Calling,” Paxton jumped at the chance at the role that would take him to China for [...]