Getting To Know P-Pop Group SB19
BY GEO LUNA HOLLYWOOD-SB19 is a Filipino boy band that has gained significant global popularity in recent years. The group is composed of five talented members: Pablo, Josh, Stell, Ken, and Justin. They were formed in 2018 under the management of ShowBT Philippines and quickly rose to fame in the [...]
Ginger and Steve tell ‘True Lies’
By JUDY SLOANE Front Row Features   HOLLYWOOD-CBS’ new action comedy “True Lies” is inspired by James Cameron’s 1994 motion picture of the same name starring Arnold Schwarzenegger and Jamie Lee Curtis which, in turn, was based on the 1991 French comedy “La Totale!” In CBS’ version, Steve How [...]
‘Night Court’ Resumes with John Larroquette
By JUDY SLOANE Front Row Features PASADENA-In 1984, NBC premiered a new sitcom called “Night Court,” which spotlighted the night shift of the Manhattan Criminal Court. Harry Anderson portrayed the unconventional judge, Harold “Harry” T. Stone, and John Larroquette played the arrogant prosecutor,  [...]