‘Twilight’s” Ashley Greene Flees Ghosts in ‘Apparition’ and Sizzles in ‘Butter’

ASHLEY GREENE as Kelly in Warner Bros. Pictures’€™ and Dark Castle Entertainment’s supernatural thriller “€œTHE APPARITION.” ©Warner Bros. Entertainment.


Front Row Features

HOLLYWOOD—Ashley Greene soared to international fame as part of the “Twilight” cast. She has played the likable Alice in all three vampire films that have become a pop culture phenomenon and reprises her role one more time in the upcoming “The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn, Part 2,” which lands in theaters November 16.

While Greene is grateful for the benefits “Twilight” has afforded her as an actress, she also is looking forward to moving on to the next chapter of her career.

For fans that need their Greene fix sooner, they can find her in two new features. She stars in the horror movie, “ The Apparition,” and the comedy “Butter.”

In “The Apparition,” Greene plays a young veterinary student whose rented home in suburban California is haunted by an angry spirit. The “Poltergeist”-like flick is directed by first-time writer-director Todd Lincoln, who maintains he grew up in a haunted house in Tulsa, Okla. Green stars alongside Sebastian Stan (who played Bucky Barnes in this summer’s “The Avengers”) and Tom Felton (who played blond baddie Draco Malfoy in the “Harry Potter” series.)

Though set in Palmdale on the outskirts of Los Angeles, the interiors were shot in Germany, at the famous studio where Marlene Dietrich made “Blue Angel” and Fritz Lang made “Metropolis.” Director Lincoln recalls it got dark early while shooting the film in Europe in the winter, which enhanced the spooky ambiance on the set.

Greene, though, recalls working long hours, which didn’t give her much time for playing tourist—or being afraid of the dark.

The DKNY and Mark cosmetics spokesmodel recently spent some time here promoting her new movie projects and offering a glimpse as to life post-“Twilight.”

Front Row Features: Are you scared of the dark?

Greene: Yeah, I’m such a wuss. (She laughs.) I used to watch a lot of horror films when I was a kid and at a certain point I think reality set in and thought, oh, this stuff can actually happen. Someone had to have thought of this to write about it, and whoever that person is, scares me. Now that I live alone and not at my parents’ house, I think it’s a little more frightening. As an actor, you kind of want to make things as realistic as possible, and kind of force yourself to believe in these things.

Front Row Features: Did you have any supernatural experiences while filming in Germany?

Greene: Luckily, we were working probably 16 hours a day and it was an hour’s drive to Babelsberg (studio) and an hour’s drive to and from our hotel and so by the time I hit the pillow I passed out, which is probably a good thing, because otherwise I do get a little weirded out and freaked out about that stuff.

Front Row Features: Without giving away the ending, how difficult was it to shoot the final scene?

Greene: That scene was actually something kind of more of an afterthought. It wasn’t the original ending. It was a reshoot (months later). It’s always a little bit more difficult to kind of get right back in there, but I think hopelessness is pretty easily relatable and so it actually wasn’t that hard. Hopefully, I can make myself believe that this is all happening, and luckily, that day it did, so it was actually not too difficult.

Front Row Features: How did you like doing all the physical stuff your character has to do in the movie?

Greene: I’m kind of a guy’s girl. I grew up as a tomboy. I wanted to be just like my brother, which is why I’ve ended up having so many broken bones. I was always trying to do what he did. I was trying to skip as many monkey bars as him and fell and broke my arm. I grew up running around playing outside, trying to be like my brother and so it’s not intimidating at all. I think it’s actually kind of fun.

Front Row Features:  How was it working with Tom Felton?

Greene: He’s so sweet. He’s really lovely and it was great. He’s a really fantastic actor and he’s just very fun to be around. It’s an interesting thing whenever you come from a big franchise like that. We kind of chatted a little bit about the madness of it all.

Front Row Features:  What kind of funny stories did you exchange with Tom and have you ever had a particularly weird fan encounter?

Greene: No. They’re all pretty similar; lots of screaming people and just kind of the intensity of it all. We talked about how both of us come from not really doing much and becoming a part of these big series. And then it just exploding and becoming this snowball effect and being chatted about. (We also talked about) how you kind of become family with these people.

Front Row Features: Do some fans ask you to bite them?

Greene: Oh yes, we get that. I mean most of the guys get that. The guys get more of the crazy requests than the girls do, because (my character) Alice is so bubbly and lovable and kind of the best friend, my (fan requests) mainly consist of hugs and pleasant compliments.

Front Row Features: Had you seen Sebastian Stan on “Gossip Girl?”

Greene: No. I actually knew Sebastian through friends, and so when he came in to (see if we had) chemistry, I was like this is going to be really good or really awkward and weird. Luckily, he’s a fantastic actor, and we had great chemistry, so it was fun.

Front Row Features: This must be an exciting time for you with “Twilight” coming to an end, and starting a new chapter in your life.

Greene: It is exciting. The unknown is always a little scary, but I think that’s part of life and it’s what keeps us going. I’m excited about the future. It’s sad that “Twilight” is ending, because it has been such a big part of my life, but the exciting part is that it’s afforded me a lot of opportunities, and so I feel like I would be crazy not to grab the reins and go with it.

Front Row Features: What can you say about your role in the upcoming “CBGB” movie? Are you a punk rock fan?

Greene: I definitely have every Ramones song on my iPod now and Blondie and all of that stuff, but I went through the script and listened to every song that was listed. It wasn’t necessarily the music that I listen to. I mean, I grew up listening to country, so how much different can you get? But yes, I now have an appreciation for (punk music).

Front Row Features: You also play Jennifer Garner’s stepdaughter in the comedy “Butter.” What was that like for you?

Green: I play Kaitlen Pickler, and she starts out as kind of this vanilla teenager who thinks she knows everything about everything and really doesn’t know much at all. She’s kind of confused and resents her parents because she thinks they are stupid, and throughout the course of the film, she gets to kind of go on this roller coaster ride and figure out who she is. She kind of turns into a completely different character by the end of the film, which was really fun for me to do. It was the first comedy I’ve ever done and, of course, I got there and there was this all-star cast and I was like, what have I gotten myself into? (She laughs.)

Front Row Features: Audiences may be surprised by your love scene with Olivia Wilde. Was that challenging for you?

Greene: Not really. Olivia was fantastic. I have a lot of scenes with her. It’s really, really funny, (and) a very smart film.

Front Row Features: “Twilight” made you an international star. How do you cope with fame?

Greene: Sometimes it does kind of get to you, but in general, I just try and kind of take it as part of the job and it’s not something that’s going to go away no matter how bitter I am about it. So I just try to be as positive as possible and thankful.