Over-the-Top ‘Savages’ Is Director Stone’s Comeback – 5 Photos

BENICIO DEL TORO as the brutal enforcer Lado in “Savages.” ©Universal Studios.


(L to R) Chon (TAYLOR KITSCH) and his closest friend, Ben (AARON JOHNSON), ready for war in “Savages.” ©Universal Studios.

(L to R) Ben (AARON JOHNSON), DEA agent Dennis (JOHN TRAVOLTA) and Chon (TAYLOR KITSCH) in “Savages.” ©Universal Studios.

Brutal enforcer Lado (BENICIO DEL TORO) and his boss, Elena (SALMA HAYEK), in “Savages.” ©Universal Studios.


(L to R) Chon (TAYLOR KITSCH), O (BLAKE LIVELY) and Ben (AARON JOHNSON) in “Savages.” ©Universal Studios.


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