In Retrospect: ‘It’s A Wonderful Life’
By JUDY SLOANE Front Row Features HOLLYWOOD-What would the world be like if “It’s a Wonderful Life” hadn’t been ‘born’? We would never have known George Bailey or the other inhabitants of Bedford Falls. Never had the opportunity to experience the story of a small-town businessman whose most heart [...]
‘Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse,’ ‘Star Trek: Picard’ and More on Home Entertainment — Plus, Giveaways!
Movies The Boogeyman (Horror, Mystery, Thriller) Relive your most terrifying childhood fears with “The Boogeyman,” now available on Digital from 20th Century Studios. The film also releases on Blu-ray and DVD Tuesday, Oct. 10, just in time for Halloween. In this horror-thriller from the mind of S [...]
Memories Of ‘The Poseidon Adventures’
By JUDY SLOANE Front Row Features HOLLYWOOD-In 1937, writer Paul Gallico took a voyage on the Queen Mary. Hit by a violent storm, the ocean liner, whose builders erroneously thought it too large to capsize, almost overturned. The problem was finally overcome when stabilizers were installed. More  [...]