‘Wrecked’ Cast Ready for Season 2

(l-r) Brooke Dillman, Jessica Lowe, Ginger Gonzaga, Asif Ali, Zacg Creggerm Brian Sacco, Ally Maki, Will Greenberg and Rhys Darby star in WRECKED. ©Turner Entertainment Networks. CR: Justin Stephens.


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MARINA DEL REY, Calif.—In the TBS television series, “Wrecked,” a plane headed to Thailand crashes on a deserted island where the survivors must figure out how to stay alive as they hope and wait for a miracle rescue.

Heading into the launch of their second season, the show’s sexy stars Ally Maki, Brooke Dillman, Jessica Lowe, Asif Ali, Will Greenberg, Brian Sacca and Zach Cragger convened on a barge resembling an island to celebrate the upcoming premiere episode on the cable channel. The cast, newly returned from shooting on location in Fiji, took a moment to enjoy drinks and appetizers as they revealed some upcoming secrets of the new season, who they think would actually survive on a deserted island and why they think the show has connected with viewers.

The new season of “Wrecked” premieres Tuesday June 20 on TBS at 10 p.m. ET/Pacific.

Q: Now you’re headed into season 2, if someone hasn’t watched Season 2, tell us why they should start watching “Wrecked.”

Ali: I think it’s just a combination of everything we like in comedy. It’s comedy with jokes first. Thirty minutes of comedy. It’s not like a drama with two jokes in it. Nah, it’s jokes, jokes, jokes, and most comedies are in someone’s apartment or a workplace; this is on an island.

Greenberg: This is shot in Fiji.

Ali: On location.

Greenberg: You know, when your screensaver comes up? There.

Ali: “Fast and Furious” is the only thing that shoots on location. That’s it. It’s comedy. It’s adventure. I mean what more do you want? Honestly.

Maki: “Wrecked” is amazing because it’s the only show that has a mix of everything: action, adventure, comedy (and) horror. It has something for everyone and it’s very hilarious.

Lowe: It’s fantastic because there are a lot of “dramedies,” and this is purely action comedy.

Q: Any love happening on the island?

Ali: Of course, there’s a lot of love.

Greenberg: There’s a lot of sex.

Ali: And in second season, it gets hotter.

Cregger: It’s a giant orgy, a sex explosion.

Sacca: In every episode, it’s new people having sex; other people having sex. We’re mixing anything. By the way, that is not true.

Maki: There’s always love triangles.

Lowe: There’s a lot of factors of three happening. The number three is a special number this season.

Maki: For all of us.

Q: You’re shooting in Fiji. You’re on a paradise island. Is it hard to stay focused? Are there any challenges shooting on location?

Ali: It’s really tough to shoot the show. I threw up the first day. It was so hot.

Greenberg: 110 degrees with humidity.

Ali: It’s a very tough show to shoot, but I think what keeps us going is that we really enjoy the show and that it’s really funny and we like working with each other.

Sacca: It’s a little bit of both. Sometimes it’s too hard because it’s gorgeous and you’re looking out at the blue ocean and you want to go snorkeling. Other times, it’s hard because it’s 100 degrees outside and you’ve got heatstroke and you’re vomiting in the forest, so there’s two ends of the spectrum there. I got sunburn on my eyeballs. Who knew you could get sunburn on the eyeballs? I looked high for a few days.

Q: If you were stranded on a deserted island, who would be the to be the scavenger, the first one to give up?

Cregger: Let’s re-examine the answer to the last question. On Day One of the shoot, Asif was the one who was barfing and had to be removed from set. He’s awesome.

Sacca: Let’s take him out and choose another person. I’m going to say Ally Maki.

Cregger: She’s a little princess, in the best way. She wouldn’t last in “Naked and Afraid.”

Sacca: Not at all.

Lowe: Who would die first?

Dillman: I would. Here’s the thing. Unlike my character, I would just drop to the floor and wait for birds to peck out my eyes.

Lowe: She would give up before we crashed.

Dillman: There’s no Diet Coke? I’m out.

Maki: If the three girls teamed up, we would seriously dominate on the island. No question.

Lowe: They would go down, for sure.