L.A. ‘Vice,’ Two Lucans, ‘Tricks’ and ‘Taken’ finale on Home Video
Joaquin Phoenix and Josh Brolin star in INHERENT VICE. ©Warner Bros. Entertainment.

Joaquin Phoenix and Josh Brolin star in INHERENT VICE. ©Warner Bros. Entertainment.


Front Row Features

“Inherent Vice,” the seventh feature from Paul Thomas Anderson and the first ever film adaption of a Thomas Pynchon novel is available in a Blu-ray Combo Pack and Digital HD Tuesday, April 28.

Things start to unravel for private eye Doc Sportello (Academy Award winner Joaquin Phoenix, “Walk the Line”) when his ex-wife suddenly arrives out of nowhere with a story about her current billionaire land developer boyfriend—whom she just happens to be in love with—and then he discovers a plot by his wife and her boyfriend to kidnap that billionaire and throw him in a loony bin. Set during the tail end of the psychedelic `60s, paranoia is running the day and Doc knows that “love” is another of those words going around at the moment, like “trip” or “groovy,” that’s being way too overused—except this one usually leads to trouble.

With a cast of characters that includes surfers, hustlers, dopers and rockers, a murderous loan shark, LAPD detectives, a tenor sax player working undercover, and a mysterious entity known as the Golden Fang, which may only be a tax dodge set up by some dentists. Part surf noir, part psychedelic romp, the Oscar-nominated “Inherent Vice” (best adapted screenplay, costume design) is all Thomas Pynchon.

The ensemble cast includes Josh Brolin, Owen Wilson, Katherine Waterston, Reese Witherspoon, Benicio Del Toro, Jena Malone, Maya Rudolph and Martin Short.

“The Mystery of Lord Lucan” is a two-part ITV crime drama about an actual British crime and its aftermath, which is available Tuesday. The first one, “Lucan” is based on the John Pearson book, which aired in 2013. The critically acclaimed drama, adapted by acclaimed Oscar-nominated writer Jeff Pope (“Philomena”), stars Rory Kinnear (“The Imitation Game,” “Penny Dreadful”), Catherine McCormack (“Braveheart”), Michael Gambon (the “Harry Potter” films), and Christopher Eccleston (“Doctor Who”).

In the early hours of November 8, 1974, the 7th Earl of Lucan disappeared without a trace. What investigators subsequently found shocked the public: the body of his children’s nanny, Sandra, bludgeoned to death in the basement.

Kinnear stars as the desperate aristocrat with a gambling problem and a bitter, crumbling marriage.

The second drama in the collection includes the 1994 fictional reimagining of “The Trial of Lord Lucan” starring Julian Wadham (“The Iron Lady”) and Anthony Head (“Buffy the Vampire Slayer”).  In this version, Lucan gets his day in court. Prosecutors present the evidence, witnesses attest to events and Lucan has the chance to defend himself. In the end, a jury of actual British citizens gives a verdict on the infamous crime.

Both versions are also available to stream on Acorn TV.

Also available from Acorn is the DVD debut of “New Tricks,” the hit British mystery series. Beautiful DCI Sasha Miller (Tamzin Outhwaite, “EastEnders”) leads a team of detectives called out of retirement to solve cold cases in this long-running British series. Season 11 is notable for the introduction of new cast members joining the longrunning program, which features the fascinating mysteries and easy humor that have made the series so wildly popular on both sides of the Atlantic. The 10-episode season also stars Dennis Waterman (“The Sweeney”), Nicholas Lyndhurst (“Only Fools and Horses”), and Denis Lawson (“Bleak House”) with guest stars David Hayman (“The Paradise”), Amy Nuttall (“Downton Abbey”), Liz White (“Life on Mars”) and Julie Graham (“The Bletchley Circle”).

Available now on home video is the third and final installment of the popular action thriller franchise “Taken 3.” The hunter becomes the hunted when Liam Neeson returns as former CIA operative Bryan Mills, who finds himself framed for the brutal murder of his ex-wife (Famke Janssen). Consumed with rage, and pursued by a savvy police inspector (Forest Whitaker), Mills must rely on his “particular set of skills” one last time to find the real killers, clear his name, and protect the only thing that matters to him now — his daughter (Maggie Grace).

The Blu-ray and DVD Combo Pack includes an unrated cut, a deleted scene, featurettes on “Sam’s Bunker” a.k.a. The Rabbit Hole, “Taken to L.A.,” a retrospect on the franchise called “A Taken Legacy,” and more.