Admit One: Final ‘Night at the Museum’ Comes Home
NIGHT AT THE MUSEUM: SECRET OF THE TOMB (Blu-ray /DVD art). ©20th Century Fox Home Entertainment.

NIGHT AT THE MUSEUM: SECRET OF THE TOMB (Blu-ray /DVD art). ©20th Century Fox Home Entertainment.


Front Row Features

To celebrate the release of “Night at the Museum: The Secret of the Tomb” on Blu-ray, DVD and Digital HD, Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment is hosting a Family Movie Night this weekend. To make the night even more fun-filled, they have created activity sheets, discussion guides, and games all available at

The effects-laden comedy is the third and final installment in the franchise, and offers one of the final performances of comedian Robin Williams.

Ben Stiller leads an all-star comedy cast, including Owen Wilson, Rebel Wilson and Ricky Gervais, for one final, fun-filled “Night at the Museum.”

This time, Larry Daley (Stiller) and his heroic friends embark on their greatest adventure yet as they travel to London in order to save the magic that brings the museum exhibits to life.

The Blu-ray Combo Pack now available for purchase comes with tons of special features. Discover how Stiller got into character for his alter ego Laaa, get a behind the scenes look at The British Museum and learn how the film’s iconic fight scene inside an M.C. Escher painting came to light. It also contains five extended and deleted scenes, an audio commentary by director Shawn Levy and more.

The DVD-only version comes with two deleted and extended scenes and a behind-the scenes featurette and more.

Both the Blu-ray Combo Pack and the DVD-only versions come with a bonus Digital HD movie—not only do buyers get a Digital HD version of “Night at the Museum: Secret of the Tomb,” but they also get a bonus digital movie—a choice of one of the other movies in the franchise.