‘The Alienist,’ ‘Last Action Hero,’ ‘Mission: Impossible,’ More on Home Entertainment this Week

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The Columnist (Horror)

A successful journalist, pushed to the limit by online trolls, finds a bloody good way to rid herself of writer’s block in the black comedy “The Columnist,” available now on DVD/Digital, from Film Movement.

Femke Boot (Katja Herbers, “Westworld,” “Evil”) is a columnist who is obsessed with reading the endless abusive message and death threats posted about her on social media. The obsession consumes her life and prevents her from concentrating on the novel she has promised her publisher. One day, all of her pent-up anger and frustration explode in a moment of shocking and unexpected violence. When this brutal and bloody act inspires Femke to write again, she surrenders to her rage and begins to lead a double life as a daytime writer and nighttime killer.

“The Columnist” on DVD/Digital is available for a suggested retail price (SRP) of $24.95.

The Father (Drama)

“The Father,” which recently won two Academy Awards, arrives on Blu-ray and DVD Tuesday May 18, from Sony Pictures Home Entertainment.

The film stars Anthony Hopkins, who received the Oscar this year for his endearing performance as an 80-year-old man living defiantly alone and rejecting the caregivers that his daughter, Anne (“The Crown’s” Olivia Colman), encouragingly introduces. Help is also becoming a necessity for Anne because she can no longer make the daily visits anymore and Anthony’s grip on reality is unravelling.

Viewers will experience the ebb and flow of Anthony’s memory, and how much of his own identity and past he can cling to while Anne tries to cope as she grieves the loss of her father, even while he is still alive.

“The Father” warmly embraces real life, through loving reflection upon the vibrant human condition; heart-breaking and uncompromisingly poignant, it is a movie that nestles in the truth of our own lives. In addition to Hopkins receiving the Best Actor award this year at the Academy Awards, the film earned another Academy Award for Best Adapted Screenplay for Christopher Hampton and Florian Zeller.

Bonus features include deleted scenes, “Homecoming: Making ‘The Father’” and “Perception Check: Portrait of ‘The Father.’”

“The Father” also is available now on digital platforms.

It Happened Tomorrow (Comedy)

Cohen Film Collection will release “It Happened Tomorrow” on Blu-ray and DVD Tuesday May 18.

What would happen if someone could get tomorrow’s newspaper headlines today? This charming period comedy tells the story of a reporter (Dick Powell) who wishes he could scoop his colleagues by knowing about events before they occur. When a mysterious old man gives him the news a day in advance, his life is turned upside down. Racing to prevent a headline predicting his own death, he gets mixed up with a beautiful fortune teller (Linda Darnell) and her overprotective uncle (Jack Oakie).

The comedy, original released theatrically in 1944, was acclaimed French director René Clair’s (“Beauty of the Devil”) follow up to his equally enchanting “I Married a Witch”, both made during his exile in Hollywood during World War II. Clair’s famous whimsical style is evident in this cautionary tale; be careful—what you wish for might come true. This sparkling black and white film was restored from a 4K scan.

“It Happened Tomorrow” will be available on Blu-ray for $29.95 (SRP) and on DVD for $19.95 (SRP).

Last Action Hero (Action)

Before he was the Governator, Arnold Schwarzenegger was the “Last Action Hero,” in which he played a fictional big screen hero named Jack Slater. The 1993 family-friendly action film will now be available for the first time on 4K Ultra HD beginning Tuesday May 18, from Sony Pictures Home Entertainment.

Young Danny Madigan (Austin O’Brien) is a lonely 11-year-old who escapes from his bleak reality by watching action adventure movies of his favorite film character. When his best friend, Nick the projectionist, gives him a special ticket to the new Jack Slater movie, Danny is magically transported into Jack’s world, where the good guys always win. Danny becomes his helper as Jack battles a trio of nefarious bad guys: Benedict (Charles Dance), Vivaldi (Anthony Quinn) and The Ripper (Tom Noonan). Things get out of hand when Benedict steals Danny’s magic ticket stub and transports himself into the real world, where crime can—and often does—pay. Jack and Danny must leave fictional Los Angeles for real-life New York and battle villains without the aid of movie magic or stuntmen. F. Murray Abraham, Art Carney, Frank McRae, Robert Prosky and Mercedes Ruehl also star.

The film was directed by John McTiernan, from a story by Zak Penn and Adam Leff and the screenplay by Shane Black and David Arnott.

The 4K Ultra HD disc includes the film in newly remastered 4K resolution from the original camera negative, with HDR10, an all-new Dolby Atmos audio plus the original SDDS mix presented as 5.1+ original theatrical stereo audio, audio commentary with director McTiernan, deleted and alternate scenes (presented in 4K with HDR10), alternate ending (presented in 4K with HDR10), “Big Gun” music video by AC/DC, an original behind-the-scenes featurette and the theatrical teaser.

Mission: Impossible (Action)

Celebrate a milestone for “Mission: Impossible,” when the newly remastered 25th anniversary Collector’s Edition Blu-ray arrives Tuesday May 18, from Paramount Home Entertainment.

Originally released May 22, 1996, the high-octane action movie starring Tom Cruise thrilled audiences with its story of secret agents and international espionage.

Cruise ignites the screen as IMF agent Ethan Hunt, a top-secret agent, framed for the deaths of his espionage team. Fleeing from government assassins, breaking into the CIA’s most impenetrable vault, clinging to the room of a speeding bullet train, Hunt races like a burning fuse to stay one step ahead of his pursuers, and draw one step closer to discovering the shocking truth. The film was based on the popular 1960s TV series of the same name.

Directed by Brian De Palma (“The Untouchables”), with a screenplay by David Koepp (“Jurassic Park”) and Robert Towne (“Chinatown”), “Mission: Impossible” also is returning to select theaters for a limited run this through Fathom Events and Paramount Pictures.

The newly remastered Collector’s Edition Blu-ray includes an exclusive car decal and a gallery of the original trailers for the first six “Mission: Impossible” films. The disc also includes the following previously released bonus content on the Blu-ray: “Mission: Remarkable—40 Years of Creating the Impossible,” “Mission: Explosive exploits,” “Mission: Spies Among Us,” “Mission: Catching the Train, “Mission: International Spy Museum,” “Mission: Agent Dossiers,” “Excellence in Film: Cruise,” “Generation: Cruise,” a photo gallery and two theatrical trailers.

Pixie (Action Thriller)

The action-packed thriller “Pixie,” is available now on DVD (plus a Digital code), as well as on Digital and On Demand, from Saban Films and Paramount Home Entertainment.

Olivia Cooke (“Ready Player One”) and Alec Baldwin (“The Departed”) star in this action-packed crime story set in Ireland. On a path to avenge her mother’s death, Pixie Hardy (Cooke) attempts a heist that will give her the means to leave her small-town life behind. When the plan goes horribly wrong, she’s forced to team up with a pair of misfits who are clearly in over their heads. On the run from an organized gang—criminal priests and nuns, led by Father McGrath (Baldwin)—the trio will scheme and swindle anyone they come across in this hilarious and thrilling adventure. The film also stars Ben Hardy, Daryl McCormack, with Colm Meaney.

“Pixie” is directed by Barnaby Thompson from a screenplay by Preston Thompson. The film also is showing in select theaters.

S#!%house (Comedy)

“S#!%house” arrives on Blu-ray and DVD Tuesday May18, from IFC.

Lonely college freshman Alex (writer/director Cooper Raiff) has closed himself off from his peers, who all appear to have this whole “college thing” figured out. But everything changes one night when Alex takes a leap and attends a party at S#!%house—a legendary party fraternity— where he forges a strong connection with Maggie (Dylan Gelula, “First Girl I Loved”). The next day, she ignores him completely and seems to have forgotten about their amazing night. Desperately clinging to his social breakthrough, Alex pulls out all the stops with one more night at S#!%house, hoping to rekindle that moment of connection. From producer Jay Duplass, “S#!%house” was the Grand Jury prize winner at the 2020 SXSW Film Festival.

The Blu-ray will be available for $29.98 (SRP) and the DVD will be available for $24.98 (SRP).

Son (Horror)

RLJE Films, a business unit of AMC Networks, and Shudder, AMC Networks’ premium service for horror, thriller and the supernatural, will release “Son” on DVD and Blu-ray Tuesday May 18.

Written and directed by Ivan Kavanagh (“Never Grow Old,” “The Canal”), the terrifying thriller stars Andi Matichak (“Halloween” franchise, “Assimilate”), Emile Hirsch (“Once Upon a Time … in Hollywood,” “Into the Wild”) and Luke David Blumm (“The King of Staten Island”).

After a mysterious group of individuals breaks into Laura’s home and attempts to abduct her eight-year-old son, David, the two of them flee town in search of safety. But soon after the failed kidnapping, David becomes extremely ill, suffering from increasingly sporadic psychosis and convulsions. Following her maternal instincts to save him, Laura commits unspeakable acts to keep him alive, but soon she must decide how far she is willing to go to save her son.

Special features include interviews with the cast and crew and deleted scenes.

“Son” will be available on DVD for $27.97 (SRP) and Blu-ray for $28.96 (SRP).

Tom & Jerry (Animated Adventure)

One of the most beloved rivalries in history is reignited when “Tom & Jerry” arrives on Premium Video on Demand (PVOD), Blu-ray, DVD and Digital Tuesday May 18, from Warner Bros. Home Entertainment.

Jerry moves into New York City’s finest hotel on the eve of “the wedding of the century,” forcing the event’s desperate planner to hire Tom to get rid of him. The ensuing cat-and-mouse battle threatens to destroy her career, the wedding and possibly the hotel itself. But soon, an even bigger problem arises: a diabolically ambitious staffer conspiring against all three of them.

The film is directed by Tim Story (“Fantastic Four,” “Think Like a Man,” “Barbershop”) and stars Chloë Grace Moretz (“Neighbors 2: Sorority Rising,” “The Addams Family”), Michael Peña (“Cesar Chavez,” “American Hustle,” “Ant-Man”) and Colin Jost (“How to be Single,” “Saturday Night Live”).

Extras on the Blu-ray include deleted scenes, a gag reel, Bringing Tom & Jerry to Life, Tom & Jerry’s World, The Feud: #TeamTom vs. #TeamJerry, Jerry’s “A House for a Mouse,” The Tom & Jerry Guide to New York City Wildlife, “Inside the Wedding of Ben and Preeta, plus how scenes came to life. The DVD contains a gag reel.

The Blu-ray + Digital will be available for $35.99 (SRP) and the DVD + Digital will be available for $28.98(SRP). “Tom & Jerry” also is available now on PVOD.

TV Shows

The Alienist: Angel of Darkness (Drama)

The acclaimed TNT limited series, “The Alienist: Angel of Darkness” arrives on Blu-ray and DVD Tuesday May 18, from Warner Bros. Home Entertainment.

The series stars Daniel Bruhl (“Rush”), Luke Evans (“Midway”), Dakota Fanning (Once Upon a Time … in Hollywood”), Douglas Smith (“Big Little Lies”), Matthew Shear (“Mistress America”), Robert Ray Wisdom (“The Wire”), Ted Levine (Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom”), Melanie Field (“Heathers”) and Rosey McEwen.

In June 1897, a year has passed since Dr. Laszlo Kreizler (Bruhl), a pioneer in forensic psychiatry, tracked down the brutal serial killer John Beecham with the help of a team of trusted companions and a revolutionary application of the principles of his discipline.

Kreizler and his friends—high-living crime reporter John Schuyler Moore (Evans), the indomitable, Derringer-toting Sara Howard (Fanning), the brilliant (and bickering) detective brothers Marcus and Lucius Isaacson, the powerful and compassionate Cyrus Montrose and Steve Taggert, the boy Kreizler saved from a life of street crime—have returned to their former pursuits and tried to forget the horror of the Beecham case. But when the distraught wife of a Spanish diplomat begs Sara’s aid, the team reunite to help find her kidnapped infant daughter. It is a case fraught with danger since Spain and the U.S. are on the verge of war.

Uncover the secrets and go on an edge-of-your-seat journey with all eight episodes from the second season, plus enjoy the captivating extra features including a Season 1 recap, behind-the-scenes featurettes, a set tour and series overview.

“The Alienist: Angel of Darkness” will be available on DVD for $24.98 (SRP) and on Blu-ray for $29.98 (SRP, which includes a digital copy (U.S. only). “The Alienist: Angel of Darkness” is also available to own on Digital via purchase from digital retailers.

Finding Joy: Season 2 (Comedy)

Vlogger Joy Morris (Amy Huberman, “Striking Out”) faces new challenges in the uproarious second season of the Acorn Original Irish comedy “Finding Joy, available on DVD now.

Encouraged by her stint as an internet sensation, Joy has started her own video channel in the continued search for happiness. Amid the constant pressure of producing content, the glossy lifestyle she wanted starts to lose its shine. But she has it all under control… kind of. The six-episode series previously premiered on Acorn TV. There is a 36-minute behind-the-scenes featurette included.

“Finding Joy: Season 2” is available for $34.99 (SRP).

The Salisbury Poisonings (Drama)

The four-episode British drama “The Salisbury Poisonings” arrives on DVD Tuesday May 18, from AMC Studios and RLJE Entertainment.

In March 2018, Salisbury, a cathedral city in Wiltshire, England, became the site of an unprecedented emergency after a nerve agent attack on a Russian double-agent and his daughter garnered international attention. As traces of the deadly poison were found throughout the city, officials scrambled to understand what was happening and how to protect residents.

Tracy (Anne-Marie Duff, “Shameless UK”), head of Wiltshire Council Public Health, must handle the fallout after two people fall unconscious in a city center due to an unknown illness. She discovers that it’s actually a deadly poison that’s been spread all over Salisbury. The limited series previously premiered on AMC+.

“The Salisbury Poisonings” will be available on DVD for $29.96 (SRP).

Shadow Lines: Season 1 (Thriller)

The Sundance Now drama “Shadow Lines: Season 1” arrives on DVD Tuesday May 18.

In the wake of World War II, Finland found itself on the front lines of the Cold War. This multilingual thriller follows Finnish student Helena (Emmi Parviainen, “Secret Lives”) as she is plunged headfirst into the dangerous world of espionage by her enigmatic godfather, leader of The Fist, a secret intelligence team whose mission is to defend Finland’s independence, no matter the cost.

The 10-episode series, which has English subtitles, previously premiered on Sundance Now.

The three-disc DVD set will be available for $34.99 (SRP).

The South Westerlies (Dramedy)

Little lies lead to bigger truths in this charming Acorn Original Irish dramedy “The South Westerlies,” available now on DVD.

Environmental consultant Kate (Orla Brady, “American Horror Story: 1984”, “Fringe”) goes undercover in a small town to quell objections to a wind farm. But Kate has a complicated history with the town of Carrigeen. Soon after arriving with her son, she runs into an ex-friend and an old flame and realizes her task won’t be a breeze. Co-stars Patrick Bergin (“Patriot Games,” “Sleeping with the Enemy”). The six-episode series originally aired on Acorn TV.

There is a 55-minute behind-the-scenes featurette included in the two-disc set. “The South Westerlies” is available for $39.99 (SRP).