Production Begins on Escape Thriller ‘The Base’

By a Front Row Features Staff Reporter

The start of principal photography on the action-thriller “The Base,” has begun, XLrator Media and Benattar/Thomas Productions announced. The film stars Cam Gigandet (“The Magnificent Seven”) and is directed by Jesse Gustafson (“Day 39”). XLrator Media has slated the release of the film worldwide for 2017 on its “TURBO” action label.

Based on an original story by Nigel Thomas and Rick Benattar and written by Guy Stevenson (“The Last Heist”), the story focuses on Gigandet’s character as the leader of a Dirty Dozen-type band of military prisoners who have to fight off a terrorist attack on the remote black site prison in which they’re being held, which, unknown to them, is a cover for a secret drone control facility.

Gustafson is a military veteran and a Columbia Film School graduate who has directed and performed in more than 40 stage productions. His film work includes writing and directing the short film “Day 39,” which was a finalist for a student Academy Award in 2015, and writing “Ace of Spades,” which was an Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences Nicholl Fellowship finalist.

Rick Benattar, Nigel Thomas, Barry Gordon and Michael Radiloff produce the action thriller which is being financed by The Fyzz Facility with Wayne Marc Godfrey and Robert Jones coming on board as executive producers.

It is the fourth action-thriller from Benattar/Thomas Productions as part of an overall production and global distribution deal with XLrator Media. The companies have previously partnered on “Paradox” starring Zoë Bell and Malik Yoba and the upcoming releases “The Last Heist” starring Henry Rollins (in theaters June 17) and “The Fixer” starring Tom Hopper (“Black Sails”), which arrives in theaters Nov. 4.

“We are thrilled to work on ‘The Base’ with Jesse Gustafson, a fresh and exciting new filmmaker,” said producer Benattar in a statement. “The film is reminiscent of classics like ‘The Dirty Dozen’ and ‘Kelly’s Heroes.’  Movies we love that truly blur the line between the good guys and bad guys. It’s a great story and we can’t wait to bring it to a global audience.”