‘Amor Amor,’ ‘DC’s Legends of Tomorrow,’ ‘Most Wanted,’ More Available on Home Entertainment

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Amor Amor

“Amor Amor,” a bittersweet romantic drama from Portugal, arrives on DVD/Digital Tuesday Sept. 22, from Indiepix Films.

The film stars Jorge Freitas as Jorge, a manipulative and self-centered photographer who feels stuck in his long relationship with Marta (Ana Moreira). Head over heels in love with him, Marta is also the new object of desire of Jorge’s friend, Carlos (Nuno Casanovas), who also happens to be in a relationship with Ana’s best friend, the cynical Lígia (Margarida Vila-Nova). Lígia’s romantic younger brother Bruno (Guilherme Moura) is also infatuated with Marta. Complicated? Perhaps, but why have a conventional love triangle when you can have a pentagon of feelings and manipulation?

A loose adaptation of Pierre Corneille’s 17th-century play “La Place Royale,” “Amor Amor” tells the story of a group of friends spending the New Year`s Eve in Lisbon, living love’s zigzags. There are those who come to discover themselves. Those who come to discover love. And those who come to discover the limits of their own freedom. At this New Year`s Eve, everything can change, but not exactly as one expects.

Nominated for the Grand Jury Award at IndieLisboa, Ana Moreira was also nominated for the “Best Actress” award at the 2019 Portuguese Autores Awards.

“Amor Amor” will be available on DVD/Digital for the suggested retail price (SRP) of $24.95.


“Beckman” arrives on DVD and Digital Tuesday Sept. 22, from Universal Pictures Home Entertainment.

Aaron Beckman (David A.R. White) is finished, done with a life lived in the shadows as a cruel gun-for-hire. Now, his soul cries out for healing, peace, forgiveness and grace. In desperation, he appeals to the church and is welcomed by an ailing pastor (Jeff Fahey) like a long-lost son. However, his journey towards salvation is cut short when his adopted daughter is kidnapped by a deranged cult leader named Reese (William Baldwin). Blinded by rage, Beckman sets off on a dangerous rescue mission and is forced to revert back to his old violent ways. The only thing that may be able to stop Beckman’s rampage is his faith—but will he remember it in time to save his soul?

Bonus features on the DVD and digital include a feature commentary with writer/director Gabriel Sabloff and executive producer/star White, as well as a making-of featurette and bloopers.

With the purchase of “Beckman” on disc or digital, viewers are eligible to earn points towards special rewards via the Universal All-Access Rewards program. Members can redeem their points for digital movies, signed collectables, box sets and win exclusive prizes and more.

The Dancing Dogs of Dombrova

The endearing drama “The Dancing Dogs of Dombrova” arrives on DVD and Digital Tuesday Sept. 22, from Film Movement.

On a cold winter night, estranged siblings Sarah (Katherine Fogler) and Aaron (Douglas Nyback) arrive at an empty train station in the rural Polish town of Dombrova. Looking for an address that apparently no longer exists, they set out on a journey to fulfill their dying grandmother’s final wish—to find and bring home the remains of her beloved childhood dog, Peter.

Facing the challenges of an unfamiliar country, a not-so-helpful local government and their own turmoil, the constantly bickering Sarah, an unemployed free-spirit and, Aaron, a stubborn and high-strung statistical analyst, can’t seem to agree on anything, and the trip is nearly derailed as their relationship is repeatedly tested. Along the way, they’re joined by a cast of characters including a stout and silent female cab driver who ferries the siblings all over town with a bottle of ketchup in her glove compartment, a precocious teenage detective who accompanies them and a pregnant innkeeper with a penchant for cooking blood sausages and getting into spats with the town priest. As they seek to fulfill their grandmother’s last wish, the siblings slowly start to realize that they must put their differences aside and work together to find the canine casket without driving each other into early graves of their own.

A favorite on the film festival circuit, “The Dancing Dogs of Dombrova” is directed by Zack Bernbaum (“And Now a Word from Our Sponsor,” “Cold Deck”). “The Dancing Dogs of Dombrova” will be available on DVD/Digital for $24.95 (SRP).

I Am a Dancer

The documentary “I Am a Dancer” arrives on Blu-ray in North America for the first time Tuesday Sept., 22, from Film Movement Classics.

One of the greatest ballet dancers of his generation, Russian defector Rudolph Nureyev is at the height of his powers in this intimate 1972 documentary portrait, which offers an unprecedented look at the training and dedication behind his electrifying art. Providing a unique glimpse into Nureyev’s personality, preparation and technique, “I Am a Dancer” includes excerpts from his performances in the classical ballets “La Sylphide” with Carla Fracci, and “The Sleeping Beauty” with Lynn Seymour; in addition to sequences from the modern ballet “Field Figures” with Deanne Bergsma, and Frederick Ashton’s “Marguerite and Armand” with his long-time partner Margot Fonteyn.

This Golden Globe nominated documentary features prima ballerinas Carla Fracci, Lynn Seymour, Deanne Bergsma, along with Fonteyn. The Blu-ray includes interviews with Terese Capucilli, Skylar Brandt and a 16-page booklet.

“I Am a Dancer” is available on Blu-ray/DVD/Digital for $25.95/$19.95.

Let it Snow

“Let It Snow” arrives on DVD, Digital and On Demand Tuesday Sept. 22, from Lionsgate.

As Mia (Ivana Sakhno, “Pacific Rim: Uprising”) and Max (Alex Hafner, “Cable Girls”) visit a remote European resort for a free-ride snowboarding vacation, they ignore the receptionist’s disturbing tales of unexplained deaths on the nearby trails. When they sneak onto a forbidden slope, Max vanishes and Mia finds herself attacked by a masked snowmobile rider (Tinatin Dalakishvili, “Abigail”). Now she must brave the rider’s vicious attacks—as well as evade a massive avalanche—if she hopes to survive. A terrifying blend of action and horror, “Let It Snow” is a nail-biting ride. The DVD includes a making-of featurette and a trailer gallery.

The “Let It Snow” DVD will be available for $19.98 (SRP).

Most Wanted

“Most Wanted” arrives on Blu-ray, Digital and On Demand Tuesday Sept. 22, from Paramount Home Entertainment.

The action-thriller, based on a true story, stars Antoine Olivier Pilon (“Mommy”) with Jim Gaffigan (“Super Troopers,” “Chappaquiddick”) and Josh Hartnett (“Lucky Number Slevin,” “Pearl Harbor”). “Most Wanted” is written and directed by Daniel Roby’s (“Hold Your Breath”).

Investigative journalist (Hartnett) unravels a twisted case of entrapment wherein a guy from the wrong side of the tracks, Daniel (Pilon), is forced into a dangerous drug deal against his will and is sentenced to 100 years in a Thai prison. As Daniel endures torture and abuse, the journalist must track down the shady undercover cops benefiting off the conspiracy, while also fighting for Daniel’s freedom.

Red Shoes and the Seven Dwarfs

The classic fairy tale of Snow White gets a modern twist when “Red Shoes and the Seven Dwarfs” arrives on Blu-ray and DVD Tuesday Sept. 22, from Lionsgate. This animated adventure also is available now on Digital and On Demand.

“Red Shoes and the Seven Dwarfs” features the voice talents of Chloë Grace Moretz (“The Addams Family”), Sam Claflin (“The Hunger Games” series), Gina Gershon (“Riverdale”), Patrick Warburton (“Family Guy”) and Jim Rash (“Community”). It was directed by Sung-ho Hong and features character design and animation direction from Jin Kim, who worked on Disney’s animated classics “Fantasia 2000,” “Frozen II” and “Tangled.”

This outrageous fairy tale spoof starts as Snow White steals a pair of red shoes that transform her into a princess. Meanwhile, a witch’s curse turns seven brave princes into dwarfs, forcing them to seek out the princess, hoping for a kiss to break their spell. Together, they must face Snow White’s wicked stepmother—who will stop at nothing to get her precious shoes back—and, along the way, learn that true beauty lies within.

Go behind the scenes of this heartfelt and humorous action-packed animated adventure with enchanting Blu-ray and DVD bonus features, including two “making-of” featurettes and two music videos featuring the all-new original songs. “The Red Shoes and the Seven Dwarfs” Blu-ray and DVD will be available for $21.99 (SRP) and $19.98 (SRP), respectively.

21 Jump Street/22 Jump Street

“21 Jump Street” and its sequel “22 Jump Street” have arrived for the first time on 4K Ultra HD.

In “21 Jump Street,” based on the late 1980’s TV series starring Johnny Depp, former high school foes turned rookie cop partners can’t catch a break—until they’re assigned to pose as students and bust a drug ring inside their old alma mater. Living like teenagers again, they slip back into their adolescent selves and risk the case—and their friendship—with hysterically disastrous results! Jonah Hill (“The Wolf of Wall Street”), Channing Tatum (“Magic Mike”) and Ice Cube (“Friday”) star in this action-comedy.

In the film sequel, after making their way through high school (twice), big changes are in store for officers Schmidt (Hill) and Jenko (Tatum) when they go deep undercover at a local college. But when Jenko meets a kindred spirit on the football team, and Schmidt infiltrates the bohemian art major scene, they begin to question their partnership. Now they don’t have to just crack the case—they have to figure out if they can have a mature relationship.

Both titles are loaded with bonus features including gag reels, deleted scenes and more, and are newly remastered with high dynamic range and Dolby Atmos audio.


The music-filled drama “Whiplash” arrives for the first time on 4K Ultra HD Tuesday Sept. 22, from Sony Pictures Home Entertainment.

The modern classic, written and directed by Academy Award-winner1Damien Chazelle and starring Miles Teller and J.K. Simmons in an Oscar-winning2performance, is newly remastered in 4K with High Dynamic Range and Dolby Atmos audio. The 4K Ultra HD release also includes the film and special features on Blu-ray, plus a digital version of the film via Movies Anywhere.

Andrew Neyman (Teller) is an ambitious young jazz drummer, single-minded in his pursuit to rise to the top of his elite east coast music conservatory. Terence Fletcher (Simmons), an instructor known equally for his teaching talents and his terrifying methods, discovers Andrew and transfers him into his band. Andrew’s passion to achieve perfection soon spirals into obsession, as his ruthless teacher continues to push him to the brink of both his ability and his sanity.

Bonus features include a commentary with writer/director Chazelle and star Simmons, a featurette called “An Evening at the Toronto International Film Festival with Miles Teller, J.K. Simmons and Camien Chazelle,” “Timekeepers: Famous Drummers Discuss Their Craft and Passion for Drumming,” the original short film of “Whiplash” with optional commentary, a deleted scene and the theatrical trailer.

TV Shows

DC’s Legends of Tomorrow: The Complete Fifth Season

The fate of the world is in their hands when Warner Bros. Home Entertainment releases “DC’s Legends of Tomorrow: The Complete Fifth Season” arrives on Blu-ray and DVD Tuesday Sept. 22.

“DC’s Legends of Tomorrow” follows a group of misfit heroes as they fight, talk, and sing their way through protecting the timeline from aberrations, anomalies, and anything else that threatens to mess with history. After saving the world via the power of song and themed entertainment in last season’s finale, the Legends are major celebrities. Some struggle with the transition from lovable losers to A-list stars, while others start letting fame go to their heads.

When a documentary crew decides to film the Legends in action, distracting them from their original mission, Astra Logue frees history’s most notorious villains from Hell in a bid for power. It’s up to the Legends to forgo fame and stop these reanimated souls (who they quickly dub “Encores”) from wreaking havoc on the timeline, whether it’s Rasputin popping out of his coffin and trying to become an immortal tsar or Marie Antoinette (and her head) turning the French Revolution into a deadly, non-stop party.

Suit up for all 15 one-hour episodes from the fifth season, plus enjoy the epic extra content including a post-production featurette, deleted scenes and a gag reel. A limited-edition bonus disc featuring all five “DC Crossover Event Crisis on Infinite Earths” episodes will be available exclusively for fans who purchase the Blu-ray.

“DC’s Legends of Tomorrow: The Complete Fifth Season” will be available for $24.98 (SRP) for the DVD ($29.98 in Canada) and $29.98 (SRP) for the Blu-ray ($39.99 in Canada), which includes a Digital copy (U.S. Only). It also available to own on Digital via purchase from digital retailers.

“DC’s Legends of Tomorrow” stars Brandon Routh (“Arrow,” “Superman Returns”), Caity Lotz (“Arrow,” “Mad Men”), Maisie Richardson-Sellers (“The Originals”), Tala Ashe (“The Flash,” “The Carrie Diaries”), Jes Macallan (“Mistresses,” “Shameless”), Courtney Ford (“Dexter,” “True Blood”), and Olivia Swann (“Doctors”), with Nick Zano (“The Final Destination”) and Dominic Purcell (“Prison Break,” “The Flash”), with a special appearance by Matt Ryan (“Constantine”) reprising his popular role as John Constantine.

Rick & Morty: Season 4

America’s favorite crazy scientist and his grandson return for more misadventures when the latest season of Adult Swim’s hit series “Rick and Morty: Season 4” arrives on Blu-ray and DVD Tuesday Sept. 22, 2020. From creators Justin Roiland (“Adventure Time”) and Dan Harmon (“Community”), go on an intergalactic journey across the multi-verse with the award-winning comedy, featuring all 10 episodes from Season 4. The set includes outrageous bonus content including “A Day at Rick and Morty: Inside Season 4,” “Inside the Episode” for every episode, “Creating Snake Jazz,” and more.

“Rick and Morty: Season 4” will be available for $24.98 (SRP) for the DVD ($29.98 in Canada) and $29.98 (SRP) for the Blu-ray ($39.99 in Canada), which includes a Digital copy (U.S. only). “Rick and Morty: Season 4” is also available to own on Digital via purchase from digital retailers.

The “Rick and Morty: Season 4” Blu-ray release will include 1080p Full HD Video with DTS-HD Master Audio for English 5.1. Featuring all 10 episodes from the fourth season in high definition, as well as a digital code of the season (available in the U.S. only).


AMC Networks’ Sundance Now features the DVD debut of the suspenseful and intense psychological thriller “Sanctuary,” Tuesday Sept. 22.

Based on the novel “The Devil’s Sanctuary” by one of Sweden’s best-selling authors, Marie Hermanson, this eight-part series stars Josefin Asplund (“Vikings,” “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo”) in a dual role as well as Emmy-nominee and two-time Golden Globe nominee Matthew Modine (“Stranger Things,” “The Dark Knight Rises”) as a manipulative doctor. Sanctuary deals with the defining human issues of survival, identity, trust, and betrayal in a story that begs the question: Who would you become in order to survive?

Now on a two-disc DVD set ($34.99, Amazon.com), Sanctuary previously premiered in April on Sundance Now.

Estranged Swedish identical twins Siri and Helena (Asplund) have always had a complex relationship. When Helena receives an invitation to visit Siri at an exclusive residential sanatorium in the breathtaking and picturesque Alps, she is reluctant but figures it will be a nice break from her monotonous life. Despite the peacefulness of the clinic, Helena refuses Siri’s plea for help in taking care of some business and swapping places for a few days but ends up waking up to find Siri gone. Soon she realizes that Siri isn’t coming back, and that the clinic is far from a place of recovery; it’s a facility for studying psychopaths. Helena is now trapped in a waking nightmare in which no one is who they seem to be, and everyone believes that she is Siri. Surrounded by the most predatory and manipulative people imaginable, including the director of the Sanctuary, Dr. Marvin Fisher (Modine), escape is now only the second order of business: Helena’s first problem is simple survival.

The series features a stellar supporting cast, including Will Mellor (“No Offense,” “Broadchurch”), Lorenzo Richelmy (“Marco Polo”), Richard Brake (“Batman Begins,” “Game of Thrones”), Philip Arditti (“The Danish Girl,” “Inferno”) and Agnieszka Grochowska (“In Darkness,” “Child 44”).