‘Birds Like Us,’ Brit Noir, ‘Kamen Rider,’ ‘Punisher,’ More Available on Home Entertainment This Week



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Birds Like Us (Animated Comedy)

The animated family comedy “Birds Like Us” arrives on Digital, On Demand and DVD Tuesday Jan. 25, from Lionsgate.

Jeremy Irons (“The Lion King”), Alicia Vikander (“Tomb Raider”) and Jim Broadbent (“Moulin Rouge!”) bring to life this funny family adventure that’s a visual tour de force. Trapped in a village ruled by the meddling Kondor (Irons), Huppu the bird (Vikander) dreams of having the freedom to hatch her own egg. Suddenly, she, Kondor and their friends are blasted to a distant land, and they must trust in a wise, eccentric bat to guide them on a strange, dazzling odyssey back to the tree they call home.

Faruk Sabanovic directs from a screenplay he wrote with Olivia Hetreed. The film is produced by Adnan Cuhara and executive produced by Abigail Disney, Cat Villiers and Sherine Helmy.

Special features included are the music video “Everybird” by Peter Gabriel and the trailer.

Dancing with Crime/The Green Cockatoo (Crime Drama)

The Cohen Film Collection presents a double feature of British film noir: “Dancing with Crime/The Green Cockatoo,” available on Blu-ray Jan. 25. These early Brit Noirs have been digitized in association with the British Film Institute.

In “Dancing with Crime” (1947), Richard Attenborough and Sheila Sim, married in real life at the time, put themselves in harm’s way when they go undercover to investigate the murder of a friend with ties to black market racketeers. Watch for Dirk Bogarde and Diana Dors in uncredited roles. The film is directed by John Paddy Carstairs.

A true rarity, William Cameron Menzies’ “The Green Cockatoo” was completed in 1937, but not released until 1940. It is often cited as one of the earliest of the British Noirs and helped set the stage for the classical period of Brit Noir which flourished in the years following WWII. It’s a taut little thriller based on a Graham Greene story, directed by Menzies, an American, and features a stellar cast and crew. After witnessing the murder of a racketeer, a young woman is pursued by both gangsters and the police. She is aided by a Soho entertainer, who is the brother of the victim.

Kamen Rider Zero-One: The Complete Series with RealxTime (Action)

In continued celebration of the landmark series’ 50th anniversary, Shout! Factory, in collaboration with Toei Company, Ltd., presents the “Kamen Rider” collection, “Kamen Rider Zero-One: The Complete Series with RealxTime” on DVD and Digital Tuesday Jan. 25.

Originally premiering in 1971, the long-running Japanese television series “Kamen Rider” follows the exploits of a masked, motorcycle-riding hero who fights the forces of evil. The number one kids’ program in Japan for almost 50 years, the series has proved to be beloved through multiple series iterations and generations of fans and Riders.

In the TV series, Humagears (humanoid robots), created by the leading company for AI, Hiden Intelligence, serve humanity’s every convenience. But a cyber-terrorist organization begins hacking the Humagears in a conspiracy that turns them into monsters. Aruto Hiden has taken over at Hiden Intelligence, and along with the CEO’s post, he also takes over the responsibility for Kamen Rider Zero-One by using his company’s technology. Aruto tries to keep the peaceful world between humans and Humagears with his Humagear secretary, while A.I.M.S., a military squad, pursues the terrorists.

In the “RealxTime” movie, a mysterious man called Es/Kamen Rider Eden has emerged, committing simultaneous acts of terror across the world, with thousands of believers following his faith. While the people fall one by one and the world delves into chaos, Aruto Hiden stands up to stop him. Isamu Fuwa, Yaiba Yuia, Gai Amatsu, plus Jin and Horobi of MetsubouJinrai.net also transform into Kamen Riders and fight against the enemy while struggling to seek the truth.

Available for the first time in North America, this eight-disc Blu-ray set contains all 46 original action-packed episodes, the movie “RealxTime,” which completes the narrative of “Kamen Rider Zero-One” series, and five special episodes. Fans who order “Kame Rider Zero-One: The Complete Series with RealxTime” Blu-ray set from Shout! Factory (ShoutFactory.com) will receive an exclusive poster, while supplies last. Also look for “Kamen Rider Zero-One: The Complete Series with RealxTime” to stream on TokuSHOUTsu this month.

The Punisher (Action)

One of the most popular Marvel vigilantes, “The Punisher” arrives Tuesday Jan. 25 on 4K Ultra HD SteelBook from Lionsgate, exclusively at Best Buy.

Originally released in 2004, the action thriller stars Golden Globe nominee Thomas Jane (“Hung”), Academy Award nominee John Travolta (“Pulp Fiction”), Will Patton (“Armageddon,” “The Postman”) and Academy Award nominee Roy Schneider (“All That Jazz”).

The Punisher (Jane) walks through the world we all know, a world darkened by war, crime, cruelty, and injustice. He has no superpowers to battle the evil he sees—only his fierce intelligence, his years of combat experience and, above all, his iron determination to avenge those wronged by society’s villains.

Featuring all-new artwork from Orlando Arocena, “The Punisher” will be available on 4K Ultra HD SteelBook at Best Buy for $27.99 (SRP).

Run & Gun (Action Thriller)

The action-packed drama “Run & Gun” arrives on Digital Tuesday Feb. 15 and on DVD and On Demand Tuesday March 1, from Paramount Home Entertainment.

After leaving a life of crime and violence, Ray is a reformed good guy, enjoying a quiet family life in the ‘burbs. But when his past is discovered, Ray is blackmailed into one last job to collect a mysterious package. After a deadly double-cross, he finds himself wounded and on the run from ruthless assassins who will stop at nothing to get what he has. Now, with the lives of his loved ones hanging in the balance and danger at every turn, Ray’s only hope is to draw upon his violent past to survive.

Written and directed by Christopher Borrelli, the film stars Ben Milliken, Brad William Henke, Janel Parrish, Mark Dacascos, Celestino Cornielle, Angela Sarafyan, Alison Thorton, Hudson Yang, Michelle Campbell, Ari Barkan, Rafael Cebrián and Richard Kind.

Tom and Jerry Cowboy Up (Animated Comedy)

Saddle-up for some fun with “Tom and Jerry Cowboy Up,” the all-new western-themed animated film from @WBHomeEnt arriving on Digital and DVD Tuesday Jan. 25, from Warner Bros. Home Entertainment.

Everybody’s favorite cat and mouse duo is back in action in this all-new, full-length animated family film. Produced by Warner Bros. Animation, “Tom and Jerry Cowboy Up” finds the rip-roaring duo in the wild west where they help save a ranch from the hands of a greedy villain. Cowboys and cowgirls of all ages will want to join Tom and Jerry in this new, original western-themed adventure that’s filled with toe-tapping tunes and hilarious animated hijinks.

The animated comedy features the voice talents of George Ackles as The Marshal, Sean Burgos as Bumpy, Trevor Devall as Duke, Chris Edgerly as August Critchley, Georgie Kidder as Scruffy, Justin Michael as Bentley, Kaitlyn Robrock as Betty, Isaac Robinson Smith as Zeb, Kath Soucie as Tuffy, Stephen Stanton as Virgil, Fred Tatasciore as Clem and Kari Wahlgren as Duffy, Jane.

The film was produced and directed by Darrell Van Citters. Story by Will Finn and teleplay by William Waldner, and is executive produced by Sam Register.

“Tom and Jerry Cowboy Up” will be available for $14.99 (SRP) in the U.S., and $19.99 (SRP) in Canada.

Two Deaths of Henry Baker (Drama)

“Two Deaths of Henry Baker” will premiere On Demand, Digital and DVD Tuesday Jan. 25 from Saban Films.

A decades-long family feud pits two brothers and their sons in a bloody battle for possession of a fortune in gold. On the outskirts of a dusty, rural town, a young boy watches as his father buries a cache of stolen coins. The secret stash is entrusted alone to his favored son, Henry. Thirty years later, a corrupt cop (Tony Curran) and his crew descend on the now-adult son (Gil Bellows) to snatch the treasure. A bloody ambush ensues, leaving several dead or maimed and Henry being sent away to prison. His only son, Hank (Sebastian Pigott), is now in possession of the riches. After a long stint behind bars, Henry is released and plans to reunite with Hank and the fortune he left behind. Henry’s brother, Sam and his own son (Joe Dinico) have resurfaced to exact revenge and claim the riches as their own.

TV Shows

Finding Alice (Dramedy)

The British series “Finding Alice: Series 1” arrives on DVD Tuesday Jan. 25, from Acorn TV.

Shortly after moving into their newly finished dream house, Alice’s (Keeley Hawes, “Bodyguard,” “The Durrells in Corfu”) partner, Harry (Jason Merrells, “Agatha Raisin”), dies after falling down the stairs. Harry designed the house himself, so it’s weird, wonderful and impractical—and one more distraction for Alice to endure along with her sense of loss and abandonment. Her beloved partner of 20 years is gone, and now she can’t even find the fridge. To add to her problems, Alice discovers that Harry had a habit of hiding stuff he didn’t want to deal with, and his sudden death kicks up a storm of secrets, debt and suspicion that Alice must confront to move forward with her life.

The two-disc DVD set includes all six episodes of the first series (season) and also stars Nigel Havers (“Chariots of Fire”), Gemma Jones (“Bridget Jones’s Diary”), Joanna Lumley (“Absolutely Fabulous”) and Alysha Dharker (“The Indian Doctor”).