American Idol’s Amber Holcomb sent home
By Peterson Gonzaga Front Row Features Wire Hollywood – The week before, there was a sigh of relief from the Top 4 contestants of “American Idol” as all four were safe from elimination. This week was a different story as one more would leave the “American Idol” stage leave three standing to head  [...]
‘Idol’ Top 8 Takes on Motown and Each Other
By CHRIS TRONDSEN Front Row Features Correspondent HOLLYWOOD—It was no secret during the auditions this season of “American Idol” that there was, shall we call it, “slight tension” between two of the new judges. As Season 12’s live shows began, though, the ladies of  [...]
Video Interview: Music artists Yuna & Owl City
By Peterson Gonzaga Front Row Features Wire Hollywood – It was an exciting night for music artists Yuna & Owl City as The Top 10 American Idol sang their song “Shine Your Way.” According two the two artists, The American Idol contestants did a great job. “Shine Your Wa [...]
Katharine McPhee Makes a ‘Smash’ Encore
By JUDY SLOANE Front Row Features HOLLYWOOD—The second season of the hit musical drama series “Smash,” returns Tuesday, February 5, picking up where the debut series left off with a two-hour premiere. The second season kicks off with Oscar winner Jennifer Hudson playing a Tony winning Broadway st [...]