‘American Idol’ contestant Candice Glover says, “Oh my God!”

By Peterson Gonzaga

Hollywood – As the competition of the Top 10 of “American Idol” Season 12 begins, Candice Glover is on cloud 9. Asked what she thought of her critiques, she repled, “Oh my God!” It was the first standing ovation of the night from all the judges sans Mariah Carey. Apparently, Carey chided that her outfit was too tight to stand up. Front Row Features’ Chris Trondsen joked with Glover saying, “We need to get her a looser skirt so she could give you a standing ovation.”

Candice added, “Wear a stretch one so it moves when you do.”

Aside from tight skirts, it was all accolades for Candice Glover. The results show for the first live competition of the Top 10 airs tonight, March 14, 2013 on Fox.