Past and Future Meet in New ‘X-Men’ Film
By ANGELA DAWSON Front Row Features NEW YORK— In “X-Men: Days of Future Past,” veteran actor Patrick Stewart (“Star Trek: The Next Generation”) and James McAvoy (“Atonement,” “The Last King of Scotland”) reprise their roles as Professor Charles Xavier. Stewart, 73, plays the wheelchair-bound tele [...]
Jackman Wows in ‘Wolverine’
By JAMES DAWSON Front Row Features Film Critic A dying Japanese zillionaire in “The Wolverine” is shown lying on a shiny CGI platform made of upright metal rods that automatically conform to his every change in position. That high-tech bed of nails looks so ridiculously uncomfortable  [...]
‘Les Mis’ Musical Is a Must Miss
By JAMES DAWSON Front Row Features Film Critic “Les Misérables” is the kind of bloated, cornball and sappy spectacle that makes people say they hate movie musicals. Most of the melodies (by Claude-Michel Shönberg) are unmemorable, most of the lyrics (by Alain Boublil and Jean-Marc Nat [...]