‘The First Omen’ and ‘Glory’ Debut on Home Entertainment

THE FIRST OMEN. (DVD Artwork). ©20th Century Studios.


The First Omen (Horror)

Be one of the first people to watch 20th Century Studios’ “The First Omen” at home, as the prequel to the classic “Omen” films is now available on Digital. The movie is also currently streaming on Hulu and will be available to own on Blu-ray and DVD July 30.

A young American woman is sent to Rome to begin a life of service to the church. Soon, she encounters a darkness that causes her to question her faith — and reveals a terrifying conspiracy to bring about the birth of evil incarnate.

“The First Omen” stars Nell Tiger Free (“Servant”), Tawfeek Barhom (“Mary Magdalene”), Sonia Braga (“Kiss of the Spider Woman”), Ralph Ineson (“The Northman”) and Bill Nighy (“Living”). Viewers who purchase the film on Digital can access three featurettes — “The Mystery of Margaret,” “The Director’s Vision” and “Signs of ‘The First Omen’” — that cover everything from the character of Margaret and the opportunity to expand “The Omen” legacy to the symbolism within the film’s set designs and costumes and the use of practical effects.

Glory (Biography, Drama, History)

In honor of its 35th anniversary, “Glory” will be available to own as a limited edition 4K Ultra HD SteelBook Tuesday, June 4, from Sony Pictures Home Entertainment.

The heart-stopping story of the first Black regiment to fight for the North in the Civil War, “Glory” stars Matthew Broderick (“The Producers”), Denzel Washington (“Training Day”), Cary Elwes (“The Princess Bride”) and Morgan Freeman (“Driving Miss Daisy”). Broderick and Elwes are the idealistic young Bostonians who lead the regiment; Freeman is the inspirational sergeant who unites the troops; and Denzel Washington, in an Academy Award-winning performance (Best Supporting Actor), is the runaway slave who embodies the indomitable spirit of the 54th Regiment of Massachusetts.

The 4K Ultra HD disc included with the two-disc SteelBook release includes the feature film restored from the original camera negative and presented in 4K resolution with Dolby Vision and English Dolby Atmos + 5.1 + 2-channel surround sound, plus the film’s theatrical trailer and a video commentary with director Edward Zwick (“Courage Under Fire”), Matthew Broderick and Morgan Freeman. The Blu-ray disc includes the movie presented in high definition with English Dolby TrueHD 5.1 audio as well as a director’s commentary, deleted scenes with optional commentary, a virtual Civil War battlefield interactive map, the documentary “The True Story of ‘Glory’ Continues” and two featurettes: “Voices of ‘Glory’” and “The Making of ‘Glory.’”

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