A Dark ‘Day’ Has Dawned

“The Day” (artwork). ©WWE Studios and Anchor Bay Films


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Early in “The Day,” Dominic Monaghan turns to his fellow survivors and quizzically utters, “Where are we?”

But “The Day” doesn’t have dinosaurs, smoke monsters or other supernatural elements as the TV series “Lost” did, in which the British actor played another uprooted traveler trying to find his bearings in a strange and mysterious place. The unknown locale in which he finds himself in “The Day” is dusty and desolate rather than tropical and lush, though.

As Rick, Monaghan and four others are survivors of an apocalyptic event who have been struggling to stay alive for years following an unexplained catastrophe that destroyed most of civilization. Food is scarce and therefore the most valuable commodity in this dark new world, and survivors will do anything to get it.

Armed with shotguns, axes and machetes, the motley group—three men and two women—wander up to an abandoned farmhouse to rest and recover from their long trek from some other far off place where they’ve lost loved ones and fought to stay alive.

As the story unfolds, the audience gets to know each of the characters’ backstories and their relationship with one another. The three guys all knew each other from “before.” But the two females traveling with them are strangers who harbor secrets.

Yet they all must cooperate and prepare as a unit for safety’s sake. Scarier yet, they are being stalked by predatory survivors who want them dead. With food and ammunition dwindling, the group must make a desperate final stand‑over a 24-hour period—battling for their ultimate survival.

Monaghan co-stars alongside Shawn Ashmore (“X-Men 2,” “X-Men 3”), Ashley Bell (“The Last Exorcism”), Shannyn Sossamon (“A Knight’s Tale,” “40 Days and 40 Nights”) and Cory Hardrict (“Battle Los Angeles”). As with most horror movies, the audience waits in nervous anticipation of not only who will get knocked off but when and how.

“The Day” from WWE Studios and Anchor Bay Films is now available on Blu-ray and DVD. Bonus features on “The Day” Blu-ray/DVD combo pack include audio commentary with executive producer/director Doug Aarniokoski (“Criminal Minds”), producer Guy A. Danella and writer Luke Passmore. The film is rated R for language, violence and some nudity.