Romance is Over
By A Front Row Features Staff Reporter HOLLYWOOD—After a 12-year run in the music business, music act My Chemical Romance has disbanded. According to their official website at, the band states: “Being in this band for the past 12 years has been a true blessing. We& [...]
Morgan Freeman Takes Charge in ‘Olympus’
By ANGELA DAWSON Front Row Features HOLLYWOOD—Morgan Freeman knows something about authority figures, having played a number of them over the years, including a school principal in “Lean on Me,” a brigadier general in “Outbreak,” the U.S. president in “Deep Impact” and the Almighty himself in two [...]
Video Interview: Music artists Yuna & Owl City
By Peterson Gonzaga Front Row Features Wire Hollywood – It was an exciting night for music artists Yuna & Owl City as The Top 10 American Idol sang their song “Shine Your Way.” According two the two artists, The American Idol contestants did a great job. “Shine Your Wa [...]