K-Pop inspired show ‘Make It Pop!” heads to Nickelodeon


Front Row Features

HOLLYWOOD-Nickelodeon takes K-Pop to the next level as they introduce their new K-Pop inspired musical comedy show, “Make It Pop!” to debut on the network on Monday, April 6. The show features three musically talented actresses Megan Lee (Sun Hi), Louriza Tronco (Jodi) and Erkia Tham (Corki) who play freshman prep school students and dorm room buddies that happen to dance and sing. While bonding for the first time, DJ Caleb played by Dale Whibley overhears the threesome singing a song and approaches the girls to create a music act.

The show also makes history in the the kids television network history as possibly being the first kids’ show to feature Asians as the main leads of the show.

The four actors came together for a special press day at the Paramount Studios to talk about the new show. They spoke to Front Row Features/Pacific Rim Video correspondent Chris Trondsen about their characters and on set experience. Check out the interviews below:

Louriza Tronco talks about her character Jodi



Erika Tham excited for her role as Corki


Megan Lee talks K-Pop and her character Sun Hi


Dale Whibley talks about music and his character DJ Caleb