‘Hacksaw Ridge’ Hero Needed More Humanity
By JAMES DAWSON Front Row Features Film Critic Although director Mel Gibson’s “Hacksaw Ridge” includes extensive and graphic blood-and-guts war scenes that rival “Saving Private Ryan” (or even “The Walking Dead”) for their shockingly gory realism, the events leading up to the hellish title battle [...]
Vince Vaughn Makes a Special ‘Delivery’
By ANGELA DAWSON Front Row Features HOLLYWOOD—Motormouth actor Vince Vaughn, best known for his performances in comedies like “Old School” and “The Wedding Crashers,” has returned to his somewhat more serious roots in the dramedy “Delivery Man.” In it he plays David Wozniak, a meat delivery man,  [...]
Not Much Worth Seeing in ‘Watch’
By JAMES DAWSON Front Row Features Film Critic “The Watch” turns out to be less than the sum of its slowly moving parts. Ben Stiller, Vince Vaughn and Jonah Hill bring enough star power to this suburban sci-fi silliness that it should have been a comedy Rolex. Instead, the relatively  [...]