Suzanne Ciani releases hidden tracks on new album "Lixiviation"By Front Row Features Staff

HOLLYWOOD-Never before heard tracks from electronic music pioneer Suzanne Ciani will be released on her upcoming titled album, Lixiviation, due February 28 on B-Music/ Finders Keepers Records. The 16-track album explores the electronic music innovator’s formative years spanning almost two decades from 1968-1985.

Lixiviation will showcase some of her cutting edge commercial work for companies like Atari, PBS, Ballys and Coca-Cola. Suzanne built an an expansive vault of commercially unexposed electronic experiments which have heard of for over 30 years… until now.

Track listing of the album are as follows:

1. Lixiviation
2. Atari Video Games Logo
3. “Clean Room” ITT TV Spot
4. Almay “Eclipse” TV Spot
5. Paris 1971
6. Sound of a Dream Kissing
7. Atari Corporate Tag
8. Princess With Orange Feet
9. “Pop & Pour” Coca-Cola Logo
10. “Discover Magazine” TV Spot
11. Live Buchla Concert 1975
12. “Inside Story” PBS TV Spot
13. “Liberator” Atari TV Spot
14. Eighth Wave
15. Sound of Wetness
16. Second Breath