Athletes And 805 Beer Converge In Huntington Beach

(l-r) Dustin Hinz, Conner Coffin, Perry Gershkow and Nate Tyler at the World Premiere of an 805 Beer film, “Convergence.” ©Todd Williamson.


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HUNTINGTON BEACH-Craft beer enthusiasts, surfers, skateboards, bikers and other athletes came together at the US Open of Surfing Championship in Huntington Beach to celebrate the world premiere of 805 Beer’s film, “Convergence.” The event took place at The Bungalow which also featured  social media influencers and representatives from Firestone Walker Brewing Company. drawing a diverse crowd of attendees eager to experience the fusion of creativity, culture, and storytelling.

“Convergence’ is a film produced in collaboration with its visionary director Perry Gershkow and 805 Beer along with the film’s sports stars Conner Coffin, Nate Tyler and Greyson Fletcher as they explore their journey of surfing, passion, and life.

Surfer Conner Coffin said of Firestone Brewing Company, makers of 805 Beer, “They’re just a super cool group of people. 805 really respects who we are as a people and not just what we’re known for doing. I really appreciate that about them.”

Attendees were treated to a captivating evening that seamlessly blended the world of craft beer with cinematic artistry. The film itself is a visually stunning and emotionally resonant journey, intertwining diverse narratives to celebrate the power of convergence in a rapidly changing world.

“Convergence” traces the path of 805 Authenticos alongside American pro surfers Conner Coffin, Greyson Fletcher, and Nate Tyler. Embarking on a profound exploration of their surfing odyssey, passions, and life’s voyage, this cinematic creation helmed by Perry Gershkow offers an up-close and personal portrayal. Delving into their extraordinary familial bonds, triumphs, and hurdles within the realm of their sport, the film unveils an intimate and compelling narrative.

The film is now live at and 805 Beer’s YouTube channel.

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