‘Jersey Boys’ Comes Home Tuesday
By LYNN BARKER Front Row Features “Jersey Boys,” based on the Tony award-winning musical and directed by the iconic Clint Eastwood, tells the story of four young mob-influenced guys from New Jersey whose street singer vibe is enhanced by talented singer/songwriter Bob Gaudio’s addition to the 196 [...]
A Chef, British TV and a Magic Cat on Home Video
By a Front Row Features Staff Reporter Audiences know Jon Favreau these days as the director of big budget blockbusters like the “Iron Man “ franchise and “Elf,” but he also is a pretty good actor. In “Chef,” arriving on DVD and Blu-ray Tuesday, he plays a disenchanted master chef who reignites h [...]
James Franco Will Make You An Offer You Can’t Refuse
By a Front Row Features Staff Reporter HOLLYWOOD—Ever wonder what it would have been like had James Franco starred in “The Godfather?” Wonder no more. “Making a Scene With James Franco” is an innovative ten-episode comedy showcasing James Franco’s recreation of cinema’s mo [...]