A ‘Party’ of the Van Peebles

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A ‘Party’ of the Van Peebles

(center left to right) Maya Van Peebles, Mandela Van Peebles and Simone Battle in "We The Party."


Front Row Features

HOLLYWOOD—Mario Van Peebles made his first feature film two decades ago with the urban crime drama “New Jack City.” A second-generation filmmaker—his father is legendary auteur Melvin Van Peebles—he is now ushering in another generation of artists with a coming-of-age comedy set within America’s first black presidency.

“We the Party” is a multicultural comedy about a group of Los Angeles teenagers dealing with issues both contemporary as well as timeless (i.e. getting a date for prom, dealing with bullies and becoming a man.) (The rest of this article is available only to frontrowfeatureswire.com subscribers. If you’re interested in subscribing, contact frontrowfeatures@gmail.com)

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